Unrequited Love Poem

The first time I read your words, I did not realise how I’d crave your fingers typing for me every single day that followed since and will follow. You used to have such a way with words.

The first time I saw your pretty face, I did not realise how your features were to become the ones I’d dream of waking up to see. Yes, it is a pretty face.

The first time I listened to you, I did not realise just how your voice was to become an echo in my dreams to haunt me when I’m awake. Accent and all, it is addictive.

The first time I received a letter from you, I already knew how I would keep re-reading your handwriting as my tears keep clouding my vision. You have touched this paper.

The first time I will meet you, I already know how I will not be able to let go; I just hope you will keep the same tight hold on me. I need you to want me as much as I do.

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