2015 · 2015/10 · NaJoWriMo · NaJoWriMo 2015/10

NaJoWriMo 04/10/2015: Personal Door Signs

Pass by with caution, you may find yourself stuck in my imagination.

If you leave an impression, expect to find it running around in circles in my mind.

When I said “work in progress”, I didn’t imply it would ever be completed.

Just because it’s customary, I don’t waste time with little nonsense like editing.

Don’t bother asking if I want coffee. I do.

Don’t. Touch. My. Laptop.

I wrote this for me.

If found, please burn.

Sometimes, ideas emerge without a warning. Recognisable by glazed eyes and an attempt to break the typing speed record.

I did not ask for my mind to go blank and a block to descent upon me a day before the deadline.

You may find yourself permanently etched in me. Don’t be too flattered. Happens to the worst of them.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – said Ash and crew only. Most would just go for it, really.

Get help or continue in mediocrity.

If I had a chance, I would go by the river.

When I first saw your face, I didn’t expect the lines around your eyes will become to mean so much to me, but apparently I was very naive.

If you enter my life, please withdraw gently. Or expect my gashing wounds scream after your thoughtless and careless selfishness for years. Not healthy.

Experiences, regardless of their profanity, and in spite of clinging to them so fiercely, fade over time. The colour of the sunshine reflecting from your cheating eyes may change as I grow older.

If I had one wish that would come true, I would wish for your happiness.

If I had two, I would ask for your happiness, and for it to involve mine.

If I had three, I would go on a shopping spree without regret.

I didn’t ask to be infatuated, not really. It just sort of overcame me, and I let it. All right, I welcomed it.

No, I don’t regret it.

If in doubt, write it down to experience.

It takes two to tango, said no-one with an inferiority complex.

A move, a lean, a brush, a whiff, a laugh, a pout, a tentative approach, a brave question.

Why do I always thrive for the impossible?

Get moving. My mind and heart had both had enough of your unpleasant memory. Consider this your eviction notice.

If I get to like you, I may forgive you for not knocking. I might even plan for it.

Just a little bit longer, night. I haven’t quite purged my mind.

I didn’t ask for you to understand. But it sure would have been nice.

Wait. Are you sure you just want to walk by?

Please be considerate, my words may not be fully authentic.

Right now, it’s a draft. Tomorrow, it will be a memory.

Please take your time to screw me over. I’d rather it had some gist to it.

I sat down to write a novel, and look what happened. I barfed words on the screen.

Not many people can say that they had a leading role in my story book, including me.


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