2015 · 2015/10 · NaJoWriMo · NaJoWriMo 2015/10

NaJoWriMo 10/10/2015: Nomen est Omen

Character development exercise following Rob Blair’s prompts from Writers Write.


A wee Scottish lass from the projects of Glasgow, her freckled face, chest, and arms compliment her washed red hair to present a stereotypical regional girl. Although she couldn’t do much about the freckles, she instructed her hair dresses as soon as her mother allowed it, and her artificially curly tresses now shine with an obviously artificial but vibrant and healthy looking dark mahogany that simmer into smoking fire red in the sunlight. The new hair colour caused some loud whispers in her class, but Sheena was happy enough with her new do greeting her in the mirror and continued to have her roots redone for years to come.

The new hair colour highlighted her envied sparkling green eyes against her pale complexion and the miniature but dense freckles stood in stark contrast against her china white skin. It took Sheena a good six months to find the right budget foundation that managed to blend her facial tones into a smoother porcelain but the trial and error was worth it in the end, and with her new colouring Sheena felt the confident 16 years old she always wanted to be.

The summer just before going off to college Sheena got a small button piercing in her nose, on the right side to boost her ‘less pretty side’, she told giggling to the piercing artist. Adding a few interchangeable stones to her purchase, Sheena had herself ready for college and starting a new adult life only teenagers can dream of before changing educational institutions.

Indeed, those who didn’t see Sheena for a while, like her aunts and cousins, were sufficiently surprised by the changes that wee Sheena has undergone in less than a year. The ginger lassie with branch like extremities and a smile too big for her face turned into a tall redhead whose large eyes and puffy lips exuded a disturbing sexuality for her age. Learning how to apply make up and dress in casual but trendy clothes that showed off her young but womanly figure, Sheena was a sight to admire. Once she learned how to control her hiccuping giggles that she so detested and replace them with an authoritative smile, it was a transformation worthy of many pre-teen’s daydreams. It was only those damned dimples around her cheeks when she smiled that she wished she could eliminate, but after an unexpected compliment from a classmate, Sheena decided to stop bothering about them.

By the time Sheena was 17 and well versed in the intricacies of college drama, one would have had a hard job in recognising the once twiglet-like ginger from the projects. It was only her thick Scottish brawl, her melodic intonations and the rolling of her Rs that belied her origins, and after a short weekend away at Newcastle with her friends she learned to appreciate her accent when a surprisingly well dressed Gordie boy swooned over her every words in the club, even though she couldn’t understand any of his swallowed words.

While Sheena tried to take notice of science classes and social studies in her high school, she ended up enrolling on a beauty therapy course at college. To her surprise, she found an unexpected mixture of business, marketing and biology, topics on her time table that she never imagined being interested in or capable of studying.

A few years later, renting a chair at a local beauty salon, Sheena’s skills in make up artistry came handy whenever she needed to hide an angry bruise or a cut under her eyes.


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