2015 · 2015/10 · NaJoWriMo · NaJoWriMo 2015/10

NaJoWriMo 11/10/2015: POV through Dialogue Only


“No, it’s really how happened…”

“You are not that good an actor!”

“Wha..what! That is insulting on so many levels!”

“So is finding out that my boyfriend was kissing someone who is definitely not me, from Chris of all people!”

“That prick should mind his own business and stop sniffing around you, I am sick of…”

“Oh, so now it’s my fault for having a friend who looks out for me…”

“Oh please, we both know what he’s looking out for, and it’s not your pretty eyes!”

“You pig! It doesn’t matter what he thinks anyway, you should know better than to throw that in my face. And stop trying to change the topic, I cannot believe you would make yourself out to be the victim here…”

“Look, I’m tired, I need a shower, I have a reading in the morning, can we just not do this right now.”

“Oh, you’re tired! You know what, so am I. I am tired of your bullshit, trying to make me believe that kissing someone is all right because it’s just role practice, what, when you are both tipsy in a pub?! Why were you in the pub with her any way? You wouldn’t even have told me if Chris didn’t see you…”

“What now I can’t even go to the pub with my mates after a long day at work? You are being ridiculous, really. When did I ever tell you not to go out with your insane girlfriends who always tell you to ditch me, don’t think I don’t know!”

“Oh come on, stop being the martyr, it’s not about going to the pub, you know that! Although a text would have been nice, you know, so I don’t worry myself sick that you’ve been away for hours, but hey, I guess you were too busy pushing your tongue down that slut’s…”

“Shut up! Enough! Don’t you dare talk about her that way!”

“What the hell! Are you seriously protecting her? You just tried to convince me how it didn’t mean anything, but you’re more concerned about her than my feelings!”

“Your feelings! It seems that all we talk about day in day out! Chris came running to feed you all sorts of tales about things he could never comprehend, and you believed every word he said. You are hell bent on lowering yourself to such gossip and I am honestly too tired to deal with this shit right now. No, don’t interrupt me! I’ve had it with your petty jealousy, your over sensitive feelings that always seem to get hurt no matter how many eggshells I tiptoe over. I told you what happened, but you’re not listening. I am too tired to pet your insecurities tonight, so you will either have to wait until tomorrow to pick up arguing over nothing, or just deal with your own worries for a change.”

“You total asshole! How dare you! I don’t even know why I bother, you are such a dickhead it’s unbelievable. How would you feel if someone told you they saw me with Chris’ tongue down my through in a pub, half wasted? Would you still be too tired to talk about it?..”

“I told you we were practising…”

“Oh for god’s sake, just listen to yourself! I’m sick of it! Get yourself comfortable on the sofa and if you wake up not too tired, pack your stuff up and go.”

“You’re not being serious!”



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