2015 · 2015/10 · NaJoWriMo · NaJoWriMo 2015/10

NaJoWriMo 14/10/2015: Creativity = Can do + Courage


A process of creating something out of an idea, a thought, a feeling, an observation, a wish.

The urge to immortalise something, and often to share it with others.

Its synonyms include talent, vision, ingenuity, originality, inventiveness, fantasy, inspiration, imagination.

Inherently tangled together with art, my favourite creative expression appreciation include admiring music, painting, acting, writing.

Can do

Creativity requires not only the desire or urge to express something, but the belief, the conviction that one is capable of doing so, that it’s worthy to do so.

Many people fear they aren’t talented or good enough to be creative. I have felt this way when I embarked on new creative pursuits, such as clay modelling or glass painting. I saw what others where capable of, and my attempts seemed so primitive, so under developed, that I was embarrassed of the end result of my efforts. I should not have been. Looking back now, I can see how my attempts may have lacked finesse and appeared amateur in execution, but I also recognise that they helped me develop, that it’s always a learning curve, that practice makes perfect, or at least better.

My sister often remarked that she wasn’t as good at arts and crafts as me, but she did try, and still does. What differentiated us was my patience to try again, and again, after an initial attempt, while she preferred to do everything just once. In the end of the day, we both recognise our capabilities, and stick to things that we like. She used to edit fan videos and banners, while I stick to typing and colouring. What matters is not really the method with which we express ourselves, but our belief that we can do so, freely.


Closely linked to the can-do attitude that is so crucial to creativity, I think courage also plays an important part that may make or break our creative attempts.

Being creative can be as simple as trying a new nail art method, but I know from my personal history that trying different nail polishes, nail lengths and nail art can seem like a big step for a teenager, when one thinks about what the teachers, parents, peers will think. I really wanted to paint my nails black, but didn’t want to be considered a goth or depressed. Today, my nails are five different colours and I love it.

For years, I withheld from writing because I feared what others might think if they read my words. It didn’t stop me from keeping diaries in some of my most embarrassing periods, or starting blogs with entries that I later may have taken offline but dared to share for a while. I held back my urge to put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboards because I was scared of being found out, of being criticised, of not even being noticed. Today, I have written more than four thousand words and sent it out in the ether, without a care in the world. What are the chances of someone reading it? Slim. And what are the chances of someone reading it, and realising who typed it? Close to nil, unless I send a direct link to someone, which I am not planning to do.

Finding the courage to express myself gives me a huge sense of freedom and achievement, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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