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NaJoWriMo 31/10/2015: Dear Journal

Dear Journal,

I just wanted to say YAY, WE MADE IT!

A whole month of journalling, even if not always consistent, or not always on time, I think deserves a high five. So in this celebratory spirit, as NaJoWrimo October 2015 is now over, let’s review the month, shall we?

The challenges

Although I very much enjoyed participating in the National Journal Writing Month, and exploring my creativity as the main theme for the journalling, there were times when it was a little challenging.

I set out with the aim to write consistently, following the prompts of NaJoWriMo, and preferably at or above 500 words each days. Now I have to admit none of these actually happened. As mentioned earlier, I did deviate from the ‘write every day’, but I caught up with the prompts and I managed to write about all of them, even if a little belatedly at times. Also, I didn’t always follow the prompts as strictly as I first imagined I would, but, oh well, this month was about discovering our creativity, so what better way than by being creative with my writings? I guess I should also note that I didn’t always write 500 words – sometimes I didn’t even hit 100 (Me), other times I couldn’t stop before 1100 (Questions about Les Misérables; Fulfilling a Dream). However, I am not too bothered, as I don’t think I should have forced myself to expand a post if it didn’t require to be longer. Conversely, some days I just needed more to write to express what I wanted to say at least semi-adequately.

All in all, not counting this post, I have written 16,958 words, which is a great achievement in my eyes (and already more than the 15,500 one would have if writing 500 words for 31 days!), and therefore I am more than pleased with how this month turned out.

The lessons

In addition to the challenges and what they made me realise (it’s okay to bend the rules, and it’s okay to go with the flow), I also learned a lot about myself. I learned that I can actually pursue a challenge and see it through, even if with rules bent to suit me. I learned that I can make time in my life for things that matter, provided that I am not spending 27 hours at work in one go (wonder why I quit? I don’t). I learned that I still have a thing for writing, being quite happy to just sit down and pour myself out on the keyboard, and that it can be quite therapeutic and revealing to just let go and see where my busy fingers tap me (MePersonal Door SignsTen Burning Questions).

Thoughts on creativity

The most important realisation I made this month is that creativity is versatile, fluid, grandiose and mundane. I reflected who (Inspiring People) or what (Inspiration for my Creative Side) might inspire me, recalled my creative roots (Ghosts of Creativity Past) and pondered where I might want to go in the future (Creative Bucket List). I know as I always have known that creativity is important to me and I welcomed the opportunity to explore and celebrate it this October through NaJoWriMo.


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