2015 · 2015/11 · NaNoWriMo · NaNoWriMo 2015

NaNoWriMo 04/11/2015: Slow but still moving

DAY 4:

“Success is dependent on effort.”


Overview: Slow day, constant effort to keep going but I battled the urge to give up for the day.

Suggested word count: 6,667

Actual word count: 7,995

Today’s contribution: 1,995

Satisfaction: 8/10

Progress: Very slow. I was not able to write much in the morning at all, even though I was at home waiting for the boiler repair man to come and had the house to myself to focus. I simply couldn’t. I wrote about 300 words and it felt like having my teeth pulled. I felt bad about not finishing the section I started yesterday, and going back to it today felt odd, as I knew I was rambling and dragging something out that could have been a lot shorter. I got back to it again in the afternoon, but it felt odd, the words were just stuck in my head, refusing to form into a coherent thought. I picked it up again in the evening, disappointed at my lack of progress and motivation, and actually managed to write quite a lot. I finished the section I started yesterday, and it is now the longest one so far, probably because it’s all just rambling, but what are first drafts for if not that, right?…

Overall, I managed to get a good word count, but it’s about content and quality as well, not just quantity, and I am not overly satisfied with the formers. Still, I am not giving in to the urge to edit, because I know I would get bogged down and make no progress moving forward.


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