2015 · 2015/11 · NaNoWriMo · NaNoWriMo 2015

NaNoWriMo 05/11/2015: A good day’s work

DAY 5:

“I believe things cannot make themselves impossible.”

Stephen Hawking

Overview: Some confusion over word count, some good news and rather good progress.

Suggested word count: 8,333

Actual word count: 11,146

Today’s contribution: 3,140

Satisfaction: 10/10


I noticed last night as I was saving my writing in Word and Scrivener that the two programmes showed two different word counts for the section that I copied from one to the other. In addition, the word count also changed from what I counted last night to a different number this morning. Maybe I got confused as I worked on the same section for two days, and I calculated the numbers wrong, or I am not entirely sure what happened.When I opened up my saved document this morning, it had 8,006 words, not 7,995 and I could not for the life of me figure out what I counted wrong. Anyway, moving forward I decided to use Word for word counts, and I counted today’s progress from the 8,006 words it showed.

Today I slept in, and then decided to go to the library to get some writing done and to get out of the house as the boiler repair man still hasn’t arrived and it’s a little chilly in here. Just as I was about to leave, I got a call regarding a job interview I attended two weeks ago, and I was offered the position! I just need to pass security vetting and I should be starting around January. So in the big happiness and with my mind all over the place I ended up leaving the house without my laptop, and I never made it to the library – I somehow (…) found myself in Blackwell’s instead, and left with a book that called out to my former sociology / social theory student self. To be honest the book caught my eyes because of its cover, and then browsing through the pages I realised it would have been the perfect book to accompany my social theory classes when I was an undergrad. Now, it will be a reminder of my former scholastic self and perhaps an interesting and revealing read when I have the time. Because yes, in a moment of weakness rationalised by “I just got a job offer, I can treat myself”, I bought the book, but got some discount on it so all’s well.

I am still struggling without my contact lenses and it will be next week at the earliest until my new glasses arrive. Until then, it’s fake tears and blurry vision. Nevertheless, I sat down in the afternoon and in three hours I managed to write over 3,000 words, tipping me well over the 10,000 word count which was tomorrow’s target. I finished a rather lengthy and emotional section, and felt quite accomplished.

Today has been a good day both on a personal level and in terms of writing, and I am happy that my earlier discontent with my progress and the quality of my writing has dispersed. I hope I can keep up my enthusiasm and continue writing until the end of the month. Even if my productivity lowers in terms of word count, as long as I keep going I am fine with that.

Although it’s not even 8pm, I am not going to continue writing. Instead, I’ve decided to treat myself to some red, and I am going to finish The girl on the train (ohmygod I hoped but did not know until now that they were making it into a movie!) while I listen to the city go up in flames around me with the fireworks for Bonfire Night.


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