2015 · 2015/11 · NaNoWriMo · NaNoWriMo 2015

NaNoWriMo 06/11/2015: A little is more than nothing

DAY 6:

“I spent a year in that town, one Sunday.”

George Burns

Overview: Not much writing, but not much regret either.

Suggested word count: 10,000

Actual word count: 12,234

Today’s contribution: 1,088

Satisfaction: 8/10

Progress: I did not start writing today until  it was almost 11pm, spending the day with everything else. I have managed to write more over the last few days than the suggested word count and as such, I wasn’t too worried about how much I get written. I am not dissatisfied with the 1,000 words I wrote, even if it could have been a lot more if only I sat down to do it earlier. I did not feel ready during the day, and I did not want to force myself. I have a rough idea of the topics I want to write about, but each section I have written so far has taken an individual shape that I did not expect, and I did not know how they were going to turn out until I actually finished them. This means that I am not following a strict outline, just a rough draft one, and therefore I cannot just sit down and write based on whatever prompts I left for myself. I need to allow the ideas to mature before I can try to express them, and today’s section did not mature until late in the evening. But that is okay. I am going to continue this section tomorrow, and see where it takes me.


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