2016 · 2016/01 · NaJoWriMo · NaJoWriMo 2016/01

NaJoWriMo 04/01/2016: Roadblocks

So the new year started and I have a few ideas as to what I would like to achieve this year or do with my life. However, before I can get to it, or fail miserably, today I was prompted to consider potential roadblocks on my path to the best of me. I guess it makes sense to ponder over what could hinder my progress if it helps to eliminate / overcome it. So let’s see.
Lack of time. This used to be a huge issue as I worked full time on a 27/7 rota while completing my master’s degree, but since November I have been blissfully graduated and unemployed. I am not planning to be in full time work and full time study at the same time any time soon, but I might end up doing a PhD part time along my new job (if/when I can finally start it..). So, that would again mean little private time… But we’ll see. At the moment, lack of time should not be an issue. And besides, I am good at pushing myself to early grey hair and surviving on 4h of sleep on average for in the long term, so I should be fine. Right?
Lack of energy. Now this is more pertinent. Since I quit my job I have been struggling to find the energy sometimes even just to get dressed or go the shops, thinking, oh well, tomorrow’s another day, and it’s not like I have much planned. So yeah. I’ve been sleeping, a lot. And contrary to popular belief, sleeping a lot does not reinvigorate or energise people. At least, not me. It only makes me want to sleep even more. So I try to keep myself busy and at least put some make up on so that I feel compelled to leave the house, after all, I did not just spend half an hour and my beloved concealer to stay at home. Still, I suffered from lack of energy even when I was super busy, especially because I was super busy. But back then, I had no other options but to keep going, so I did. Yes I looked like a panda thanks to my eternal black circles that I grew around my eyes, but even then I found the ten minutes to hide it under cosmetics, so it was fine. Or so I kept telling myself. Now, if only I could find the balance…
Lack of commitment. Oh yes. If I’m not fully committed to something, it may very well end up joining those half finished crochet projects in the bottom of my cupboard. However, if I am committed, I will not stop, even if it’s 7am and I haven’t slept since the day before, because a deadline is a deadline and I will not miss it. So I guess I just need to choose goals that I can fully commit to. No climbing the Himalayas, then.
Lack of motivation. Well, duh. I don’t always feel like going to the gym. So, I’m still working on this one. Only thing is, motivating myself with a lunch out after going to the gym seems a little counter productive. I’ll get there, I’m sure.
Lack of money. Quite obviously, money influences a lot of decisions. I might have ‘dancing like crazy at the Mardi Gras in New Orleans’ on my bucket list, but it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. But I also think that ‘lack of money’ has been an easy excuse to not do things. For example, learning to drive. When I had the time, I didn’t have the money, and when I had the money, I didn’t have the time. But I could have saved up for later when I would have the time. See? It just needs a little more self control. I can save the money, and see what I can do with it later. I think I’m getting slightly better at this, as I have been saving monthly for a year now for a trip that scares the hell out of me but one that keeps me breathing at the same time. But that’s another story. Just goes to show that it is possible to forward plan, even with money.
Lack of opportunity. Well yes. Opportunity matters too. I might want to work as such and such, but if no such jobs are available, what am I to do? Go freelance? Wait until there is one advertised? Or do something similar, something that can lead to that job, something that I am also interested in. Some people say, opportunity is always there, you just need to see it / grab it, but not everyone is able to do so. And often, being scared of the unknown or going the long way around are just too big obstacles to overcome. I do think that opportunities are out there, somewhere, and at the same time, that one can create opportunities for themselves. It just must be acknowledged that they may not always be the ones they dreamed of, or lead down a slightly different path than imagined. But that’s not always a bad thing.

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