2016 · 2016/01 · NaJoWriMo · NaJoWriMo 2016/01

NaJoWriMo 07/01/2016: Small accomplishments

Today I am prompted to consider some of my actions and achievements and how / why I did them. This may help recognise progress as it unfolds, and acknowledges the many little steps that lead there.

I guess I haven’t actually done much during the first week of this new year so far, apart from sleeping a lot and binge watching series on my laptop. Why? Because I had been a bit burnt out over the last year, and I am recuperating.

What I did achieve was getting all the paperwork together for my new job and posted the lot to them, so that I can hopefully pass the vetting and start working. I also managed to go to the dentist and spend £100 on some fillings so that I can smile with a little more confidence. And I have an appointment to go back for round two next week, why not. I also had a meeting with a potential PhD supervisor who was very nice and supportive and who isn’t bothered by my state of limbo and appears willing to take me on as and when my work situation gets sorted. Which means that I have some pretty cool goals to work towards and milestones to step over, such as hopefully starting a job at a place where I wanted to for ages, and enrolling on a doctorate degree.

Overall I wouldn’t say my new year has had an bad start so far. It had a slow start, a build-up towards bigger things to come. Oh but I do hope they come. I can hardly wait.



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