2016 · 2016/01 · NaJoWriMo · NaJoWriMo 2016/01

NaJoWriMo 12/01/2016: Day dream

Today’s prompt is asking me to day dream. That’s easy. How would I like to spend my day, what would I like to happen…

Well, I would have liked not to have the neighbour knocking on the door, complaining about a leak. I would have liked not to have my carpets rolled up, the floorboards drilled, the wall getting a hole cut through it, just to find out it was the roof, after all, not the bathroom or the heating.

I would have also liked to not get a message that by the end of the year, He will have moved back with the kids. And the Mrs. I knew it would happen, eventually, but still, as awful as it sounds, I was not looking forward to it. Sure, He should live with the kids. But that means she would be there too. But I could have coped with that. If only I have not mentioned liking the snow, because He responded by saying I should move there then. I cannot even think about how many times I wished to hear something along the lines of that comment, hoping it would be serious. But I never imagined it would come like this. Not when I was just told that the family would soon reunite, and it would make life a lot easier if only I was there too. I really did not expect that. Even if it was true, to see those words appear on my screen was like a sucker punch. It would be convenient and a win-win for Him – having the family together, and having me on the side, when He fancied. I said He cannot be serious, to which He only said, “I’m a selfish jerk, I know”. Yes, yes, He is. He is also totally insensitive and berated everything I thought I might mean. I would gladly be the third most important person after the boys, but not the fourth. Not a convenience when things get bad with the Mrs. Not a side note. I told Him to consider my perspective, to which He simply said He understands it. I did not respond. I really did not expect such a declaration from Him, and my hopes of how He might think of me have been shattered. I guess I should have seen this coming, I should have been less naive, less unrealistic. How could the other woman ever be respected.

If I could dream today to be different, I would probably move to a different flat, and lose my phone.


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