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NaJoWriMo 12/04/2016: Value evaluation

Following yesterday’s bucket list and in line with this month’s theme of personal renewal, let’s evaluate how important some potential areas of improvement are to me.

  1. Learning a new skill – 7/10. I like to learn new things, although these are normally theoretical and not practical skills. Recently I’ve been looking at videos on how to improve my cursive handwriting, and I hope to put it into practise.

  2. Reconnecting with a former friend or family member – 4/10. I do wish I skyped more with my sister, but every time we do I end up listening to her telling me all about my nephew’s latest achievements, which are important, but which I had very likely already heard from my mother who I talk to more often. I also find myself telling her about what’s going on with me (not much) in about 5 minutes, a repeat of what I had already said in texts, then listen to her mother-in-law’s latest deeds. I wish we were more up to date in each other’s lives. I’ve also tried to arrange meeting up with a friend who I haven’t seen since last summer, but so far no luck.

  3. Finding  a job – 10/10. I welcomed being able to quit my job last October and moving back to Scotland that I missed so badly. I looked forward to a new beginning and I was ever so hopeful that the interview I had just a few days before my last day at work had gone well enough, and it did. Early November I got the offer for the job, and I was over the moon. January came and I had all the paperwork sorted. Then the wait began. I passed vetting, but there was an organisational review and my position was put on hold. It still is on hold, 5 months after I was offered the job. Ridiculous doesn’t begin to describe it. The initial days of happy freedom, lazy sleep-ins and weekly outings turned sour as I grew impatient and worried, and my savings quickly depleted. Late February I began to look for a job, and I am about to start working in the same capacity as I left behind almost half a year ago – a position I knew I would get, but am not as eager to start as would be ideal. I had an interview for another position but was not successful; still, I am hoping to find something that I would be happy to wake up every morning to do. I am somewhat bitter, I know. I have two degrees and I feel entitled to a job that is more in lines with my capabilities and could bring out my potential. But for now, after all this time off, I have to start working, and replenish my bank account, because my overdraft can go only so low.

  4. Quitting a bad habit – 6/10. I would like to quit being a night owl, staying up until 2-3am, lost on youtube and playing solitaire on my phone.

  5. Feeling less stressed – 8/10. Being out of work, listening to family members’ going to hospital and care homes, sharing a flat with someone who is going through long term illness and depression, sharing low moods with a close friends who was going through unemployment at the same time as me, and ending a 4-year-long self deceit about the potential outcomes of a relationship I put delusional hopes in, I have to say 2016 has not been kind to me in the least. Thankfully, I have a few comfy pillows and a rather nice bathtub to cry in when the world gets too much.

  6. Finding a way to relax more – 8/10. As above.

  7. Start or build a savings account – 10/10. Again, just as above. I’ve been lucky enough to get by so far with my credit card and my overdraft, and I still have some money in a savings account that I set up over a year ago with great expectations… since what I had been saving for is no longer applicable, I have that money to go towards my living expenses, if needed, until I have an income again, but I’m still hoping that I won’t need to touch that account just yet.

  8. Developing a positive habit – 9/10. I would like to get into the habit of going to bed in a more reasonable hour and getting up again in a more reasonable hour. Productivity feels good, and I miss it.

  9. Changing my relationship with someone – 10/10. With myself. That’s what this whole month is about.

  10. Cook a new meal – 6/10. It is actually one of my goals for April to cook a curry from scratch, but if it doesn’t happen, it won’t be the end of the world. But it would be fun.

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