Resented request

I don’t for a minute believe that you don’t know what I’m wanting.

It’s obvious.

I’ve asked for it, in so many words, so many times, spelled it out loud.

You know.

You ignore it.

Maybe, in your head, you justify it –

“she’s better off without”

“she’s just being cute”

“she doesn’t really mean it”

“she said that two hours ago, so it’s no longer valid”

“she would regret it”

Or, just as likely,

“I don’t have time for this”

“I don’t have mind for this”

“I don’t have space for this”

“I don’t have guts for this”

Whatever the case may be, let me tell you this:

You should be honoured and you should be making the effort to oblige. Or at least, to acknowledge a request. That’s all.

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