Permission to be happy

She was doing that half smile thing, her lips curling up and down at the same time, the way – she’s noticed in the mirror – that looked most cute on her.

She looked up at him and lowered her eyes, the movement repeating a few times while the smile trembled on her lips.

“Permission to be happy” – she smiled up at him, wide eyes finally holding his gaze.

“Yes” – so simple.

Her smile threatened to erupt, but she tried to rail it still back a bit, hardly believing her feelings. A tiny doubt of what if this was just temporary, or one sided, or misunderstood… but she didn’t let herself wonder about all that. It was real, it was now, it was happening. And she deserved it.

“You know it’s a big responsibility” – she added, allowing for a way out if needed, if he changed his mind…

“Yes” – so simple.

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