Back to Back

I am mad at him. I am fuming. Lying on the edges of the bed, trying to melt into the cold wall and clutching the duvet tight in my fist lest I start banging it against something, I try to control my breathing and stay immobile. I am not going to say anything. He knows. Hours earlier, I asked if we can go out for dinner, to celebrate my finishing of my degree, my leaving of a crappy job, my getting an interview, my return. He said no, and attached a couple of excuses, like being tired, not having clean clothes, not being in the mood. He said we'll get take away and that's that. His word is final, after all - compromise, as such, doesn't exist. I left him, trying not to bang the car door, to meet another for a few hours, to purge his cannot be arsed attitude from my mind and make the most of my visit. A text came saying...

What You Don’t Know

Silence and neglect, formalities and chit chat... An escape into a different world, loud and desperate, foul and deprived, as revenge... Men rub against me, grope me, try to enter me, some I allow, others shout names and move on, I feel like I just bathed in filth. It is my revenge against your silence, … Continue reading What You Don’t Know