close your eyes and scream

[…] a loveless marriage may have been the catalyst for my entrance to this picture of familial unbliss as a shadow over your marital bed. That is, if there was such a thing. But you two do not share a bed, or even a postcode. The ties that bind you are two little men bearing your resemblance, … Continue reading close your eyes and scream

I know your signs

I know your signs. I know them by heart. They scream the words you would not say, even now, after all these years. I make believe that I know what is hiding between the lines, fooling myself that 7 years have made me an expert of your unspoken. Your capital sentences – you’re typing on … Continue reading I know your signs

Permission to be happy

She was doing that half smile thing, her lips curling up and down at the same time, the way - she’s noticed in the mirror - that looked most cute on her. She looked up at him and lowered her eyes, the movement repeating a few times while the smile trembled on her lips. “Permission … Continue reading Permission to be happy

She made it to her room

She made it to her room, still dry faced, all of maybe ten steps across the landing from his room to her own. She put down her book, tablet and mobile, and felt her vision blurring as she turned. The bed came naturally, her only warm solace in her always below desired temperature room. The … Continue reading She made it to her room