NaJoWriMo 2015/10

I have decided to participate in the upcoming instalment of the National Journal Writing Month, or NaJoWriMo for short, which is scheduled to start on the 1st of October, 2015.

NaJoWriMo means that I commit to journalling every day through October, following the prompts compiled by NaJoWriMo’s creator, Bakari Chavanu, or my own initiative. The ‘challenge’ can be pursued digitally or in good old fashioned pen and paper, but I dare say it could also take the form of vlogs, scrapbooking, painting, or whatever rocks one’s creative boat. I have decided to use this blog as my outlet, but I might also try and use pen and paper, as I have a number of notebooks waiting unused – I’ll see how it goes. To participate, I have subscribed to the NaJoWriMo newsletter.

The theme of the month is “Unleashing Your Creative Mind Through Journal Writing“, and I am quite excited to see how it goes.

1st October 2015 – My Creative Side

2nd October 2015 – Inspiration for My Creative Side

3rd October 2015 – Dear Mental Critic

4th October 2015 – Personal Door Signs

5th October 2015 – Ten Burning Questions

6th October 2015 – Colour Coding

7th October 2015 – Inspiring People

8th October 2015 – Ghosts of Creativity Past

9th October 2015 – Important Numbers

10th October 2015 – Nomen est Omen

11th October 2015 – POV through Dialogue Only

12th October 2015 – Recipe for Creative Expression

13th October 2015 – The List of the Forbidden

14th October 2015 – Creativity = Can do + Courage

15th October 2015 – Point of View

16th October 2015 – Questions about Les Misérables

17th October 2015 – Half-way Reflections

18th October 2015 – In the Blender

19th October 2015 – Crashing

20th October 2015 – Creative Bucket List

21st October 2015 – Summer Begs

22nd October 2015 – All I have to do is Dream

23rd October 2015 – Lost and Abandoned

24th October 2015 – Procrastination Blues

25th October 2015 – Acts of Ordinary Creativity

26th October 2015 – Me

27th October 2015 – Creative Job

28th October 2015 – Opposites Attract

29th October 2015 – Fulfilling a Dream

30th October 2015 – The Importance of Imagination

31st October 2015 – Dear Journal


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