I always wanted to write and I kept a few diaries over the years, but finding inspiration and motivation can be difficult at times. This is why when I first found out about National Journal Writing Month, or NaJoWriMo for short, I decided to give it a try.

NaJoWriMo means that I commit to writing a journal entry every day for a month, following the prompts compiled by NaJoWriMo’s creator, Bakari Chavanu, or my own initiative. The ‘challenge’ can be pursued digitally or in good old fashioned pen and paper, but I dare say it could also take the form of vlogs, scrapbooking, painting, or whatever rocks one’s creative boat. I have decided to use this blog as my outlet, but I might also try and use pen and paper, as I have a number of notebooks waiting unused – I’ll see how it goes. To participate, I have subscribed to the NaJoWriMo newsletter.

I am not sure for how long I will have the motivation / energy / interest to keep it up, but I will definitely try and do my best.


Here’s a running list of the monthly outputs I created thanks to NaJoWriMo so far:

October 2015: “Unleashing Your Creative Mind Through Journal Writing”

January 2016: “Journalling for Personal Growth and achieving Goals”

April 2016: “Personal Renewal”