NaNoWriMo 2015

And so it happened that I found myself at the end of October, out of school, out of job, and soon out of accommodation. Truth be told, I planned on each of those, so it’s not like I am suddenly falling into a black whole. With just a few days left before I move to what I hope will be a new chapter of my life, I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, there is a method in my self destructive bridge burnings, maybe there can be something positive coming out of it.

What that positive might be? Well, the timing of my abandoning of the past year of my life perfectly coincides with the start of the National Novel Writing Month, aka November (shouldn’t it be international, though?). I know, not many people would consider having to write 50.000 words in just a month a chance of a life time, but to me, it just might be. Having no commitments for the upcoming months due to my self inflicted unemployment, I have no excuse as to why not to write. After all, whenever I was buried under deadlines and neverending shifts, I dreamed about being able to just sit down and write for fun, not necessity. So, this is my chance.

Now, the name of the game is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, but ever the rebel, I am not going to write a novel in the strict sense. There will be no story arc, no climax, no foreshadowing, and any other parts of a novel that I like but cannot be bothered with. It will be a book of recollections, of memories, of trying to figure out what just happened to me in the last year. It will be a series of character sketches and anecdotes based on my work with a number of people who have various mental health support needs. Interesting people, sad people, badly disturbed people who are left in a home, away from society, while the catch phrase shovelled down relatives’ throat is that we are supporting them to learn or be independent.

It is not going to be a piece for publication or even sharing. It will be my own personal coming to terms with a glimpse of the lives of people who I got to know, sometimes too intimately, sometimes without really understanding.

1st November 2015: A good start

2nd November 2015: Battling the inner critic

3rd November 2015: Steady on

4th November 2015: Slow but still moving

5th November 2015: A good day’s work

6th November 2015: A little is more than nothing

7th November 2015: End of Week 1!

8th November 2015: Just press continue

9th November 2015: Off track

10th November 2015: Just keep swimming… I mean, writing

11th November 2015: Still here

12th November 2015: Progress is progress is progress

13th November 2015: Getting there

14th November 2015: End of Week 2!

15th November 2015: Write on

16th November 2015: No pain no gain

17th November 2015: Pay off

18th November 2015: Attack of the crawls

19th November 2015: Great things a-coming

20th November 2015: Never too late to plan

21st November 2015: End of Week 3!

22nd November 2015: So close

23rd November 2015: Method in madness

24th November 2015: Stalling

25th November 2015: Pause

30th November 2015: End of NaNoWriMo 2015!


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