Have you ever imagined The One? Their fingernails. Their lopsided smile after cracking and inside joke. Their crooked toes. Their smell right after a steamy shower, and at the end of a long day. How they’d know you better than you know yourself, and you’d want to be with them to explore both you and… Continue reading Pre-anniversary

2016 · Vignette

Unsent Letter #3

Do you know what sucks? Feeling like I’ve never been closer to someone than I am to you – knowing it will never be less than an ocean apart. Wanting to tell you how much I hurt – holding back because I don’t want to burden you. Giving all I have ever been and all… Continue reading Unsent Letter #3

2015 · Vignette

Groundhog (holi)day at ‘home’

I packed my bags and left. Got on a plane with a one way ticket and began a new life. It has been over six years since I made the decision, the evening of my determination still vivid and clear in my mind. I had just received notification that I was accepted to university, when standing among… Continue reading Groundhog (holi)day at ‘home’

2015 · Vignette

Unsent Letter

I would like to contact you, but I know I can’t. I have been here before, and I always gave in first. Breaking the silence, begging for attention and fighting to keep it going. Not this time. You told me you want some time, so time you shall get. I will not tell you about… Continue reading Unsent Letter