Have you ever imagined The One? Their fingernails. Their lopsided smile after cracking and inside joke. Their crooked toes. Their smell right after a steamy shower, and at the end of a long day. How they’d know you better than you know yourself, and you’d want to be with them to explore both you and … Continue reading Pre-anniversary

Little shop of misunderstandings

Áfra János: Little shop of misunderstandings I would like to say, if you were here, I’d calm down, But instead I say, your constant absence upsets me. You would like to say, you would be next to me if you could, But instead you say, we cannot always be together every day. I would like … Continue reading Little shop of misunderstandings

The letter poem

Rewriting Captain Wentworth's letter - same words, new arrangement. Listen. Too weak a tone to distinguish the voice, my feelings speak in silence. Years have gone by, but you fail to say a word. My soul has a voice and even in silence, my feelings reach for you. “I waited for ever.” You decide not to … Continue reading The letter poem