Unsent Letter #4

For a week, I didn't even want to say anything. Your last message was clear, your silence even clearer. And I had my resolve. If you can disappear without a word, then far be it from me to break the silence. I said my part, and anything more would be redundant and pathetic. But a … Continue reading Unsent Letter #4

The Clock

I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock. It was 2.15 pm and he had to walk a little to get to the scrap yard, then walk around it to find a car that was the same make as his, see if it had the parts he needed, take them, pay … Continue reading The Clock

Groundhog (holi)day at ‘home’

I packed my bags and left. Got on a plane with a one way ticket and began a new life. It has been over six years since I made the decision, the evening of my determination still vivid and clear in my mind. I had just received notification that I was accepted to university, when standing among … Continue reading Groundhog (holi)day at ‘home’