5 7 5

Five days of silence I can hardly recall now Your eyebrows’ arches   Five days of silence When you touch her, do you see Me? Her? Your future?   Five days of silence I remind myself again This is your normal   Five days of silence I want to scream and mean it: Sorry won’t … Continue reading 5 7 5

Resented request

I don’t for a minute believe that you don’t know what I’m wanting. It’s obvious. I’ve asked for it, in so many words, so many times, spelled it out loud. You know. You ignore it. Maybe, in your head, you justify it - “she’s better off without” “she’s just being cute” “she doesn’t really mean … Continue reading Resented request

Little shop of misunderstandings

Áfra János: Little shop of misunderstandings I would like to say, if you were here, I’d calm down, But instead I say, your constant absence upsets me. You would like to say, you would be next to me if you could, But instead you say, we cannot always be together every day. I would like … Continue reading Little shop of misunderstandings

The letter poem

Rewriting Captain Wentworth's letter - same words, new arrangement. Listen. Too weak a tone to distinguish the voice, my feelings speak in silence. Years have gone by, but you fail to say a word. My soul has a voice and even in silence, my feelings reach for you. “I waited for ever.” You decide not to … Continue reading The letter poem