I know your signs

I know your signs. I know them by heart. They scream the words you would not say, even now, after all these years. I make believe that I know what is hiding between the lines, fooling myself that 7 years have made me an expert of your unspoken. Your capital sentences – you’re typing on … Continue reading I know your signs

one Sunday night, a spoon, imagined

"this" - his hungry fingers gently squeezed the soft hill around my left hip upon which, starting from the deep valley of my hip crease, they have been tracing and climbing every silver path - "is perfection."

Resented request

I don’t for a minute believe that you don’t know what I’m wanting. It’s obvious. I’ve asked for it, in so many words, so many times, spelled it out loud. You know. You ignore it. Maybe, in your head, you justify it - “she’s better off without” “she’s just being cute” “she doesn’t really mean … Continue reading Resented request

Little shop of misunderstandings

Áfra János: Little shop of misunderstandings I would like to say, if you were here, I’d calm down, But instead I say, your constant absence upsets me. You would like to say, you would be next to me if you could, But instead you say, we cannot always be together every day. I would like … Continue reading Little shop of misunderstandings