5 7 5

Five days of silence I can hardly recall now Your eyebrows’ arches   Five days of silence When you touch her, do you see Me? Her? Your future?   Five days of silence I remind myself again This is your normal   Five days of silence I want to scream and mean it: Sorry won’t … Continue reading 5 7 5

Unsent Letter #4

For a week, I didn't even want to say anything. Your last message was clear, your silence even clearer. And I had my resolve. If you can disappear without a word, then far be it from me to break the silence. I said my part, and anything more would be redundant and pathetic. But a … Continue reading Unsent Letter #4

Unsent Letter #2

A week after your disappearance, I am sticking with the silence. Two can play the game even if we both know there will be no winners. But whilst I sit in my cold room listening to the intermittent midnight traffic and the incessant pattering of the rain on my windowsill, I can imagine what if. For … Continue reading Unsent Letter #2